New in 2017 - Grading OEMS on Repair Policy

Help us develop a rating system for repair-friendly policies by filling out the survey form below. 

FIRST (TEST) Category: Mobile Cell Phones / Tablets 

We'll use this first round of questions to refine the idea and build an automated portal for expansion. 

For each OEM you want to grade -- provide the OEM name and answer the following questions about Repair: 

1`. Can you buy any specialty tools needed from the OEM?  (Hint- the Pentalobe screwdriver is not an ordinary tool) 

2.  Can you purchase spare parts from the OEM?  (Hint- Buying used parts on e-Bay is not coming from the OEM)

3. Can you acquire up-to-date OEM Diagnostics without a fee? 

4. Can you access the library of firmware patches and fixes without a fee?  

5. Is there a schematic diagram available (legally) in print or online?  (Hint- finding a bootleg schematic online from Bulgaria is not legal) 

We'll get to unfair EULA and other procurement terms later.  

To submit your answers -- please fill out the form below. Yes/No or EXplain. 

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