Let's Make Repair Fair Again!

Repair.org (previously The Digital Right to Repair Coalition) helped push cellphone unlocking legislation through Congress, won major exemptions to US copyright law for tinkering and repair, and filed legislation in multiple states to fix the problem at its source.

We're fighting for your right to repair everything you own.

With help from local repair groups and legislative allies, we’ve introduced “Fair Repair” bills in Minnesota, Nebraska, and New York. We also introduced a similar "Digital Right to Repair" bill in Massachusetts. More states will come. These ground-breaking legislative acts will  put owners back in control of their own digital electronics.

Fair Repair Legislation wILL give owners and independent repair shops …

  • access to service information, schematics, and repair manuals

  • fair market access to diagnosticS And tools

  • spare parts for a fair price

  • Critical updates

Support Fair Repair in Your State

Your state not on the list? Don't worry. We'll get there soon. In the meantime, reach out to your State Representative. Tell them you would like to see Fair Repair legislation introduced your state, too.