If We Stick Together, We Have a Fighting Chance 

100% of your membership dues support our work to connect the aftermarket technology businesses and create partnerships around the world. Get access to members-only forums, resources, consulting, and join with your peers improve and grow our industry. 

Membership Levels vary by size of your business.  Membership dues are tax-deductible business expenses.  

Invoices available on request. 

Revenues $ 0 - $ 500,000

Revenues $ 500,000 - $ 2M

Revenues $ 2M to $ 5M

Revenues $ 5M to $10M


Revenues $ 10M to $20M


Revenues $ 20M and above

Member Benefits


  • All-Spec Catalog additional 5% on all orders
  • Mastertech Certification discount
  • Tradeloop membership discount


  • Right to Repair state legislation
  • You voice in DC with Congress, US Copyright Office, Regulators, Standards and Agencies
  • Business development resources, marketing tools, and education about new market opportunities.

Training and Certification

  • Mastertech discount for members 
  • Microsoft Refurbisher alliance with PCRR 


  • Write the specs for new certifications
  • Develop best practices and build standards
  • Help improve professionalism