tracking and reporting on legal issues in various courts: 

  • US Copyright Office December 15, 2016
    • December 6, 2016: Has agreed to take up the case of Lexmark v. Impression (again)   Lexmark tried to avoid allowing users to refill ink cartridges over copyright infringement and lost.  They have tried again using patent exhaustion. Our Amicus is available here. 
  • Electronic Frontier Foundataion
  • Counterfeit
    • DOD releases new DFAR requiring maintenance companies to source parts exclusively from OEMs.   Our colleagues at ASCDI and ORI are working on how to qualify parts sources from independents.  
  • Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975 -- Still Applies. 
    • A reminder to everyone that the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act (MMWA) of 1975 applies to all consumer purchases with warranties - not just cars.  If you aren't familiar with this law -- read up.  Many OEMs openly violate the statute -- we just confirmed with the FTC that it is illegal to place notices on products that opening the covers voids the warranty !