Pro-Repair Victory in Minnesota

We won our first legislative victory today in Minnesota when the Environment and Energy Committee held an official hearing and unanimously approving moving our repair bill to their next step towards passage. The bill moves now to the Commerce Committee for their consideration. 

Filed as S. F. 3227, the bill requires manufacturers to make reuse more practical by providing access to documentation, schematics, diagnostics, tools, firmware and service parts. These are the same requirements included in last year’s Fair Repair Bill, which never even got a hearing.   

As S.F. 3227 moves to Commerce, there will be additional opportunities for improvements and amendments. Your voices are crucial.  If you don’t fight for your vision of repair-friendly policy, legislators won’t fight for you.  We can’t write for you—all we can do it make it easy. Write, call, or tweet your legislators and tell them you want S.F. 3227 passed.

Minnesota residents can also contact their representatives by sending an email in support of the bill here.