American Equipment Dealers (AEM) fights Fair Repair in Nebraska

Nebraska Farm Bureau  (NEFB) hosted a balanced discussion of Right to Repair on September 23, 2016.   Kyle Wiens of iFixit and Gay Gordon-Byrne of talked openly with AEM 's Natalie Higgins and Iowa-Nebraska Dealers Association's Will Rogers about the need and utility of Fair Repair for high-tech Agriculture.  

(Click here to watch the youtube)  Highlights will be posted with time stamps shortly. 

At about the same time, AEM Executive Advisor Magazine, September Issue, put forward their written series of concerns about so-called Right to Repair Bills in Nebraska and elsewhere.. This piece lacks the balance of the webinar and promotes the themes that a) Right to Repair is unnecessary, b) the market for repair of heavy equipment is very different from that of cars, c) only dealerships are suitably trained and d) dealerships invest heavily in training.  

Our view is that the types of detailed information necessary for repair are not consistently available, that the market for repair of electronics is converged regardless of the shape of the product, and that lack of training availability is deliberate to prevent competition.   Click here to read details of our position on points raised by AEM.