Board of Directors

Tim Asp — Internet activist

Todd Bone — CEO, XS International

Claudia Betzner — Executive Director, Service Industry Association

Gay Gordon-Byrne — Executive Director, The Repair Association

Sina Khanifar — Citizen Activist, The Internet

Corynne McSherry — Intellectual Property Director, Electronic Frontier Foundation

Michael Oberdick  Founder and Owner, iOutlet

Mark Schaffer — Founder, Schaffer Environmental

Rohi Sukhia — President, Tradeloop

Kyle Wiens — Co-founder and CEO, iFixit

Matt Zieminski - PULS Home Services


Press Contact

Gay Gordon-Byrne

PO Box 283 North River,  NY 12856

518-251-2837 (office)

201-747-4022 (mobile)

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