We are Repair.

The Repair Association is both an advocate for the repair industry and a networking hub for repair professionals.  If the things you fix have a high-tech part - this is the place for you. 

Join the The Repair Association and connect with people who are passionate about repair, better your business, and help drive our industry towards a brighter future.

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Our Network of Members are Our Biggest Benefit

Collectively, we are the leaders in Advocacy for Right to Repair legislation in the US. Our member associations have a collective reach of over 15 million consumers, over 300,000 skilled repair technicians and 150,000 small repair businesses.

  • Our legal partners are the leaders in digital rights and IP law.

  • Our academic partners are the leaders in research about repair, cyber-security, recycling and reuse worldwide.  

  • Our non-profit members are leaders in crossing the digital divide and building a more sustainable future through reduction of electronic waste.

  • Our member businesses are constant innovators providing the best new tools, techniques and critical information to the repair community.  

Membership is open to all businesses.  Membership dues are tax-deductible business expenses.  Select your membership based on the size of your business.  Small business memberships begin at $25 per month - or $250 per year. 

All members have the option to have us link to your website, post your logo, and share your member profile with others.  

Want to get more involved?  

Members are our best advocates for meetings with legislators, hosts of repair day events, and media contacts. Everyone can help — ask us to join a team in your state and we’ll provide training and connect you with fellow advocates.

Contact us at [email protected] and let us know where you live and what you’d like to do.