Our members have been effective voices in all corners of government.  As a group we've pushed bills through Congress, effectively influenced the US Supreme Court, made sure that the US Copyright Office no longer ignores repair, shamed various OEMs into backing off on bad policies, and pushed repair and reuse in standards bodies worldwide.  All of this while pushing legislation in states and the federal level. 

Cell Phone Unlocking - Signed August 1, 2014

Our team created this bill and got it passed in a Congress that didn't agree on much of anything. 

We're fighting for your right to repair everything you own. 


Apple Backs down on "Error 53"

Apple had been bricking phones for months until put the spotlight on the practice in major media.  

Apple backs down on glass repair and warranty coverage put the spotlight on Apple's illegal threat to void warranties if glass repairs were made by independents. 

This is illegal under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975. 


Support Fair Repair in Your State

Every state legislator wants to support their constituents -- meaning you.  We made it easy to communicate with your representatives -- just insert your home address and we'll do the rest.