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Alex Fitzpatrick June 22, 2017






Stephen Nellis             June 7, 2017

Exclusive: Apple makes iphone fixes easier as state mull repair laws. 


KATE COX                  June 7, 2017

Apple putting screen replacing robots in some Best Buy stores


Callum Glennan June 6, 2017

Consumers fight for their right to repair devices. 


Lulu Chang                     4-Jun-17 

New Jersey may give you the right to repair devices in your chosen manner.



29-May-17 Repairer Driven News John Huetter Cosmetic Tesla repair might be challenged by gaps in repair information

22-May-17 The Consumerist Ashlee Kieler Apple fights bill that could make fixing iPhones easier and cheaper

22-May-17 DSL Reports Karl Bode Verizon, Apple lobby against Right to Repair Laws

19-May-17 Extreme Tech Joel Hruska Apple lobbying against right to repair legislation across country

19-May-17 Fudzilla Nick Farrell Apple spending a fortune on lobbying

19-May-17 CNBC Todd Hasleton Apple lobbying against fair care act

18-May-17 Boing Boing Cory Doctorow Apple, CTA and big car are working in secret to kill NY right to repair legislation

18-May-17 Motherboard Jason Koebler Apple is lobbying against your right to repair iPhones in New York

4-May-17 Digital Journal James Walker Why tech giants want to stop you fixing your devices

3-May-17 Vox Andy Murdock Why your old phones collect in a junk drawer

3-May-17 FAIR Janine Jackson It comes down to monopoly control of the aftermarket

1-May-17 Radio World Steve Johnston

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