There are over 3 million repair and reuse professionals in the United States. Our industry is as diverse as it is expansive. Our members fix and reuse everything from washing machines to smart watches, cars to cameras. As different as our specialities might seem, we are all united by common interests.

We are repair. And together, we are stronger.

As the products we fix become more computerized, our industry is facing new challenges. When manufacturers add a chip (and software) to a product, they can easily limit repair to within their manufacturer-approved ecosystem. Every manufacturer in the world can see that monopolizing repair is easy and extremely profitable. Any manufacturer can change their repair policies overnight, at no cost and at no legal peril—putting small American repair shops out of business.

The best way to restore competition is legislative change. By banding together under one common voice, we can restore our rights to repair.

Our member benefits are designed to help any technician working with electronics or electronic components. We are building partnerships with suppliers for specialized tools, training, and certification programs. We are developing partnerships to provide business services important to the business of technology repair. We are building discussion forums for particular industry needs. We will do what needs doing to support our industry.