error 53

Australia takes a bite out of Apple

The Australian equivalent of consumer protection fined Apple $ 9 million (AU) for having bricked phones illegally under the scandal known as Error 53. 

While $7 million (US) won't even register as a blip on the Apple balance sheet -- the story is far more valuable.  Today's front page of the WSJ headlined the story as "Apple Fined as Customers win a Right to Repair battle".    Coverage has been world-wide. 

Apple has continued to modify products they sold, and no longer own, using various firmware updates that have proven to be damaging to consumers.  "Battery-Gate" is just a more recent example of the dangers of letting an OEM modify equipment surreptitiously.   

Apple has also failed to mention, or document, many other product defects that require repairs they do not want to offer -- such as fixing touch disease (a manufacturing defect).  While no products are technically perfect,  our view is that if Apple doesn't want to make repairs -- they shouldn't be actively preventing consumers from seeking repairs elsewhere.  

Australia's action today is only the beginning of legislative action that will restore our collective right to repair.