Stand up for your Right to Repair!

Repair is good for your wallet, it's good for the economy, and it's good for the environment. Then why are more and more companies trying to make it impossible for us to fix our stuff? You have a right to repair documentation, to reasonably priced repair parts, and to diagnostic information.

You bought it. You own it. You should be able to fix it yourself or have it fixed at a shop of your choice.


Here's how to help


Support Right to Repair legislation

This year, several states have introduced Fair Repair legislation. These laws would require manufacturers of electronic equipment to sell repair parts and release service information to consumers. So you can fix what you own—and get back to business. Write a letter to your state legislature asking them to support Fair Repair in your state.



In Nebraska, LB 67—the Fair Repair Act—needs your support. Reach out to your lawmaker and tell them to stand up for repair in 2017!



Kansas is considering a Right to Repair bill that focuses on farm equipment. HB 2122 would give farmers more repair options.



The Digital Fair Repair Act, HB 3030, would ensure that Illinois residents can fix broken equipment at home or at a repair shop of their choice. 



Iowans are stepping up for repair in their state. Take a stand in Iowa and support the Right to Repair Act, HF 556. Write a letter to your state rep.


New york

New York's Fair Repair Act has been opposed by lobbyists. S618 needs your help. Tell your lawmaker you support Fair Repair legislation.



Massachusetts was the first state in the nation to pass a Right to Repair law for cars. Now, SD 938 makes sure owners can fix everything else.



The Fair Repair Act—SB 888 in the Senate and HB 1382 in the House—would protect your Right to Repair electronic equipment in Tennessee.



Reach out to your representative in Missouri State Legislature now—and tell them you support the Right to Repair Act, HB 1178.



In Minnesota, SF 15 protects your right to fix things like computers, fridges, cell phones, and tractors. Tell your state rep you support it.



HB 199 in Wyoming ensures that farmers can repair tractors and farm equipment by themselves or at the repair shop of their choice.


North Carolina

North Carolina's Right to Repair Act, HB 663, would protect the rights of consumers in the state. Reach out to legislators in North Carolina.


Bring Right to Repair to your state

Didn't see your state on the list? You will soon. Repair is a national mandate. Join the repair revolution and ask your state representative to introduce a Right to Repair law for digital equipment in your state, too.

What's Next?

Here's a few Other things you can do to help:


Tell a friend

Recruit five friends to help spread the word about Right to Repair legislation. The more people you can get to call their legislators, write a letter, or share the campaign—the better chance we'll have of getting the attention of people in Washington.

Spread the Word

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Get more involved

The Repair Association is an outspoken advocate for your right to repair and modify products—from cars to IT equipment. We're working hard to protect your right to repair in state legislatures and congress, with regulators, standards groups, and trade associations. Fight with us. Together, we can make the world safe for repair.