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28-Apr-17 UWF Voyager Shawna Moore Consumers should have right to repair devices

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25-Apr-17 KSHB TV Brian Abel Right to Repair bills stall in MO and KS

25-Apr-17 KMBZ TV Kara Marxer Missouri lawmakers consider bill to protect right to repair

22-Apr-17 International Business Times Mary-Ann Russon Apples controversial policies over right to repair and recycling

21-Apr-17 All About Circuits Interview with Scott Allen by Karisa Manske Building iphone from scratch in Shenzen

19-Apr-17 VICE Arielle Duhame-Ross Apple promises to stop mining minerals to make iphones it just isn't sure how

19-Apr-17 Associations Now Lisa Zimmerman Repair association backs farmers seeking to unlock tractor software

19-Apr-17 Techdirt Karl Bode Apple takes heat - sofware lock that prevents iphone 7 home button replacement

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14-Apr-17 Bismark Tribune Amy Dalrymple Hack-the-harvest as machinery becomes smarter

10-Apr-17 Motherboard/VICE Jason Koebler There are now 11 states considering bills to protect your right to repair electronics

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10-Apr-17 Boing Boing Cory Doctorow Tenant Farmers

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26-Mar-17 KSTP Channel 5 Right to Repair legislation seeks to help small shops, consumers

22-Mar-17 Wired Kyle Wiens You bought that gadget and dammit, you should be able to fix it

22-Mar-17 Popular Mechanics David Grossman Black market John Deere markets are thriving

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6-Mar-17 Consumer Reports CR to begin evaluating products for privacy and data security

27-Feb-17 The Hustle Blog: You gotta fight for your right to GTA

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29-Jan-17 Bleeping Computer Catalin Cimpanu US states considering legislation to introduce right to repair for electronics

27-Jan-17 Channelomics DH Cass Apple fighting right to repair legislation in 8 states

25-Jan-17 I Drop News Mike Peterson Right to Repair legislation would force apple to make parts and technical information available to the public

24-Jan-17 AppleInsider Malcolm Owen Right to repair bills in 5 states could force Apple to provide iphone parts and support to independent repair shops

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