The Repair Association has been promoting legislation at both the state and federal level. Both types of legislation are needed to completely restore our right to repair. State laws won't change copyright law, and copyright law can't require manufacturers to permit competition for repair. There is no requirement that one go before the other.

State Legislation: Right to Repair & Fair Repair

State legislatures control consumer protection and general business law.  We have followed the success of the auto repair industry in passing state legislation, first in Massachusetts in 2012, which led to a national agreement with the auto industry. 

State laws do not modify any federal law.  Copyrights and patents are not altered by . Right to Repair / Fair Repair bills. 

Visit our Advocacy Page to help move repair-friendly legislation in your state. 


We led the charge for the US Copyright Office Exemptions for cell phone unlocking (again), unlocking of tablets (new), and critically changed the future of vehicle repair by exempting land-based motor vehicle software from copyright control. The same needs to be done for all firmware, but that is a battle for Congress. 

The Copyright Office completed a study regarding problems of repair and reuse in Copyright Law and did not recommend any changes. It was their opinion that most problems limiting repair or reuse are the result of contracts - which are controlled by states and not congress.  For more details and analysis - click here


The Copyright Office is conducting a separate study on the potential need to reform Section 1201 (known as "Anti-Circumvention") for Congress. Once the report is released, we will post analysis and details. 

Further REading

For further information on how US copyright law hinders consumers and the right to repair, see following articles: