Stand up for your Right to Repair!

State Legislators have the power to protect you from unfair and deceptive policies that make it difficult, expensive, or impossible for you to repair the things you own.

Right to Repair or Fair Repair Bills are gaining in popularity across the US and Canada. Your state can be the one that breaks through repair monopolies. Your legislators just need to know you want them to fight for you. They will.

We’re doing all we can to promote repair-friendly policies and regulations at the federal level as well. The FTC is looking into repair monopolies and Right to Repair has been drawn into the national discussion by multiple presidential candidates.

Write, Call, or Meet with your state legislators and make Right to Repair happen. 


Here's how to help:
Contact your State LEgislators

We made it super easy. Just find your state, plug in your address, and click to contact.  It's free, it only takes a few seconds, and it sends a powerful message.

What's Next?

Here's a few Other things you can do to help:


Tell a friend

Recruit five friends to help spread the word about Right to Repair legislation. The more people you can get to call their legislators, write a letter, or share the campaign—the better chance we'll have of getting bills passed 

Spread the Word

Encourage your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to contact their legislators in every state.

Like us on Facebook, Tweet us @repaircoalition, and #RightToRepair. Join our LinkedIn Group at The Repair Association.  

Get more involved

The Repair Association is an outspoken advocate for your right to repair and modify products—from cars to IT equipment. We're working hard to protect your right to repair in state legislatures and congress, with regulators, standards groups, and trade associations. Fight with us. Together, we can make the world safe for repair.